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01.12.2021 freie Ausbildungsplätze für 2023

Für das neue Ausbildungsjahr ab September suchen wir noch Azubis. Beginne bei uns eine Lehre zum - Werkzeugmechaniker (m/w/d) mit Fachrichtung Formenbau - Technischer Produktdesigner (m/w/d) Deine Ausbildung dauert:...[more]

12.12.2018 Celebrants ensure top quality

Schraml metalworking thanks its loyal employees. Managing Director Alexander Schraml praises the joint effort. Waldershof – The employees of Schraml metalworking met at the weekend to celebrate Christmas together at Kramer-Stodl...[more]

17.10.2018 Waldershof know-how in demand around the world

Schraml metalworking has served customers all over the world with its products for 30 years. This includes top flight companies like BMW, Mercedes Benz and Siemens. Waldershof – The cornerstone for the success of Schraml...[more]

23.03.2018 School pupils excited about technology

Waldershof – Children from the Jobst-vom-Brandt School Waldershof visited Schraml metalworking on Wednesday afternoon. They are part of the school study group “Technology for Kids”. They learned from company management what the...[more]

12.12.2017 Stay strong together

Schraml metalworking distinguished three loyal employees. The company hopes for many more years together. Waldershof - At the Christmas celebrations at the “Zum Hirschen” guesthouse in Rodenzenreuth, the company gave...[more]

11.11.2017 Schraml metalworking wants to build

The family enterprise celebrates the next 30 years. Operations further expanding at the site. Waldershof – The medium-sized enterprise’s current situation was the focus of a visit from CSU member of the Bundestag Albert...[more]

05.09.2017 Schraml metalworking builds on qualified training

Waldershof - Schraml metalworking continues to back employees from the region by employing apprentices. This year, the Waldershof family company took in four new apprentices who will train for careers in tool mechanics/mould...[more]

24.02.2017 A stoke of luck for the district of Tirschenreuth

For the first time, the "Alliance for Family" honours six companies. The companies are helping their employees to reconcile their professional duties and their families. Mitterteich – “Family-friendliness concerns all...[more]

24.02.2017 Awards for loyal employees

Three employees of Metallverarbeitung Schraml in Waldershof were awarded for their ten-year loyalty to the company during the Christmas celebration in the restaurant “Zum Hirschen” in Rodenzenreuth at the weekend. CEO Alexander...[more]

24.02.2017 New apprentices in the metal workshop Schraml

In 2016, Metallverarbeitung Schraml trained two toolmakers in the area of forming technology. Through a previous internship, both were able to convince themselves of the respective qualities of the other. The innovative metal...[more]

16.08.2016 Expansion of production capacities

In order to cope with the constantly growing demand from our customers in terms of further optimising flexibility, accuracy, quality and lead time, we have further expanded our machine park this year. The newest addition to the...[more]

16.08.2016 Insights into a metal company

For the eight time, an 11th grade class from the technology department at the Marktredwitz technical secondary school visited Schraml. Project manager Dominik Dittrich explained the individual processes which are required for the...[more]

14.12.2015 Family-friendliness against shortage of skilled professionals

A family-friendly company policy in small and medium-sized enterprises is becoming increasingly important. This was the basic opinion of a panel discussion in Waldershof in the district of Tirschenreuth. The event was held by...[more]

14.12.2015 Everyone must pull in the same direction

Family-friendly staff policy is the focus of the panel discussion at the premises of the metal processing company Schraml. District Administrator Wolfgang Lippert initiated the meeting. Waldershof – The times when the district...[more]

14.12.2015 A successful future? At SCHRAML of course!

What do cars and heating have in common? Amongst other things both sectors are supplied by SCHRAML Metallverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG – a medium-sized company from Waldershof, which is taking big steps towards a successful...[more]

02.10.2015 Employment follows training

"One fundamental of our company policy is that we offer permanent employment to all of our apprentices once they have successfully completed their three years of training", explained company owner Alexander Schraml as he welcomed...[more]

02.10.2015 Expansion of our machine fleet

We are using the short break during the annual factory shutdown to expand our machine fleet by a further CNC machining centre. On 11 August 2015 a new 5-axis machining centre with a traverse path of 4,000 x 1,000 x 1,100 mm will...[more]

02.10.2015 The "innovative metalsmith" reaches the judging stage

Family-owned company Schraml is in the running for the Prize for Medium-Sized Companies. Member of Parliament Reiner Meier has set the ball rolling. Family-owned company Schraml has reached the judging stage for the...[more]

02.10.2015 Little balsawood racers

Saving a hundredth of a second during tyre changes doesn't really matter to the "BSZ Racing Stable". But the "pit crew" from Wiesau still makes it onto the winners' rostrum in an international comparison. However,...[more]

02.10.2015 Children at after-school day-care with their own toy car

The Sankt Sebastian children's daycare centre is participating in the "It works?!" project run by the Bavarian Educational Institute for Industry and Commerce. Schraml is providing the young handymen and women with support....[more]

02.10.2015 Schraml apprentices are top of the class

The medium-sized family company has for years been committed to supporting young talent from within. Benedikt Gebhard achieved an average grade of 1.16 in his final examination while Carsten Kolb achieved 1.66. With...[more]

02.10.2015 Nominated for the "Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Companies"

Schraml Metallverarbeitung GmbH Co. KG has been nominated for the "Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Companies". This prize is awarded in recognition of outstanding medium-sized companies. The evaluation criteria are: 1. The overall...[more]

02.10.2015 Winner of the SPE Automotive Award 2013

As you may have already read in the trade press, we were pleased to collect first prize in the "Body Interior" category for the "lightweight EPP load-bearing element" (centre console made of EPP) together with our partners. This...[more]

02.10.2015 Winner of the ARPRO Adventure Prize 2012

Schraml Metallverarbeitung GmbH Co. KG. has received the ARPRO Adventure Prize for the second time. This year we won the award in the field of career achievement/personal career success. The purpose of this prize is to highlight...[more]

02.10.2015 Winner of the ARPRO Adventure Prize 2011

Schraml Metallverabeitung GmbH Co. KG was awarded the coveted ARPRO Adventure Prize in the field of mould technology/technical moulding. At the annual ARPRO Adventure Conference, ARPRO clients and decision makers from leading...[more]

02.10.2015 Winner of the SPE Automotive Award 2007

Together with our cooperating partners, we are proud to receive the SPE Automotive Award 2007! We will receive the Grand Innovation Award in the category "Body Interior/Interior Fittings" for the rear seat backrest for the new...[more]

02.10.2015 2005 Finalist "American Plastics Association"

Technical innovations in the field of moulding technology and mould making: In 2005 Schraml Metallverarbeitung GmbH und Co. KG was a finalist in the "American Plastics Association" competition. [more]