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24.02.2017 | 12:48

A stoke of luck for the district of Tirschenreuth

By: jr

For the first time, the "Alliance for Family" honours six companies. The companies are helping their employees to reconcile their professional duties and their families.

Mitterteich – “Family-friendliness concerns all of us.” Sabine Frank, the coordinator of the network “Alliance for Family”, opened the award ceremony in the „AWO-Haus der Pfege“ (House of Care of the Workers' Welfare Association) in Mitterteich. The certificates and the new seal “Ambassadors for family-friendliness”, developed by artist Rudolf Jäger from Tirschenreuth and produced by the future coaches and the trainees of the vocational school centre Wiesau, were awarded to the Workers' Welfare Association for the district, the Bavarian Red Cross for the district, Horn Glass Industries AG in Plößberg, Schott AG in Mitterteich, Schraml Metallverarbeitung in Waldershof and Siemens Healthcare in Kemnath.

District administrator Wolfgang Lippert called it a stroke of luck, to have family-friendly companies within the district. “Family-friendly companies are part of the welcome culture of the district,” said Lippert. “Whether one succeeds finding qualified professionals and keeping them permanently within the company, depends last but not least on family-friendliness.” Additionally, family-friendly work place designs are key competitive factors for the region and an important factor for the future viability of a company.

Family-friendly employers, according to Lippert, distinguished themselves not only through appropriate offers and models for employees, but also through a corresponding corporate and management culture as well as internal company communication. “Companies which operate in this sense, win scores,” said Lippert.

Mayor Roland Grillmeier delivered the congratulations of the city Mitterteich. In his opinion, the “social heart” of Mitterteich beats especially strong. The city itself does a lot to be well regarded in the social sector. However, this needs people who are ready to take others by their hands. He thanked the companies that are ready to put new ideas into practice. Municipal politics will play their part, promised Roland Grillmeier.