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11.11.2017 | 11:07

Schraml metalworking wants to build

By: oz

The family enterprise celebrates the next 30 years. Operations further expanding at the site.

Waldershof – The medium-sized enterprise’s current situation was the focus of a visit from CSU member of the Bundestag Albert Rupprecht to Schraml metalworking. In doing so, Managing Director Alexander Schraml made it clear that the business is backing a rapid implementation of broadband expansion: “In our day-to-day business we are reliant on exchanging large volumes of data quickly and securely with our customers. And that's where the difficulty lies.” With its 54 employees - of which ten are apprentices - the family company’s customers are based throughout Europe, Russia, the USA and Mexico. The “metal workshop” has no problem with the local infrastructure and praises the good motorway links.

Another subject of discussion with the Bundestag member was the funding opportunities for the region. Schraml has already been working together for years with the Fraunhofer Institute. Senior partner Reinhold Schraml praised Rupprecht’s commitment, who has campaigned and is campaigning vehemently so that the region enjoys the highest level of funding up to 2020. The two were in agreement that young people must be inspired about technology and manual work from early on. “We need to recreate respect and appreciation among the general public for working manually. In doing so, it doesn’t matter whether it is a tool maker, bricklayer, carpenter or roofer”, says senior partner Reinhold Schraml. But this cannot be achieved by “directives”, and must rather be conveyed to young people in school. By supporting the “Technology Study Group” at the Jobst-vom-Brandt School, Schraml is laying a small cornerstone here.

Company founder Reinhold Schraml, who completed his apprenticeship as a tool maker in 1961 and later studied mechanical engineering in evening classes, is a good example that all training opportunities are open after a manual apprenticeship. “With us, every apprentice and employee has the opportunity to gain further qualifications. And we support this as much as we can”, adds Alexander Schraml. The company management is certain that the company’s economic success is only feasible with well trained and dedicated employees. “It is in our favour that our apprentices go through the entire business and we strive to also keep our younger generation”, adds Managing Director Alexander Schraml. For the Schramls it is self-evident for them to support the local nurseries and the Jobst-vom-Brandt School. And in terms of social benefits, it is obvious for them to support employees with small children by assuming the costs for nursery care. This commitment brought the company the distinction as a “family-friendly company” in spring this year.

Albert Rupprecht is convinced that it is precisely the medium-sized family enterprises in the region, with their training efforts and their social commitment, which create the foundations so that the region remains attractive for young people.

Next year, the company will celebrate 30 years since Reinhold Schraml founded it as a one-man business. Large investments will be made again and again in the course of the year. For the anniversary year, the company is planning to expand the site in Waldershof and will invest several million euros for this. “This way we will also create additional workplaces”, says Alexander Schraml.