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24.02.2017 | 12:54

New apprentices in the metal workshop Schraml

In 2016, Metallverarbeitung Schraml trained two toolmakers in the area of forming technology. Through a previous internship, both were able to convince themselves of the respective qualities of the other. The innovative metal workshop employs currently 48 employees, including eight trainees. One principle of the company’s philosophy is to taking on all trainees into permanent employment relationships after they completed three and a half years of their apprenticeship. The new trainees Kevin Huber (second from left) and Fabian Schöffel (on the right) were welcomed by the managing partner Alexander Schraml (Zweiter von rechts) and the director of training Jürgen Ott (left). In 1997, the master trainer was the first trainee of the company, which grew homogeneously in Waldershof.