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02.10.2015 | 11:02

Schraml apprentices are top of the class

By: oz

The medium-sized family company has for years been committed to supporting young talent from within. Benedikt Gebhard achieved an average grade of 1.16 in his final examination while Carsten Kolb achieved 1.66.

With determination and great success, Metallverarbeitung Schraml has for years been providing training to develop the company's own young talent. The company, established as a one-man business in 1988 by Reinhold Schraml, has developed over the years into a top firm with 46 employees. The family company is considered by many major corporations - primarily from the automotive sector - as a valued and highly reliable business partner. When asked about his company's training model, Reinhold Schraml answers: "We offer technical training and subsequently a secure job to young people from the region in particular."

And the young people repay the company with very good educational achievements that are also reflected in their final examination certificates. Benedikt Gebhard and Carsten Kolb have, for instance, completed their training as tool mechanics in the field of mould tooling engineering with flying colours. Benedikt Gebhard achieved an average grade of 1.16 and Carsten Kolb 1.66. While Gebhard, who hails from the town of Wiesau, now intends to pursue his university entrance qualification at the upper vocational school in Regensburg, Carsten Kolb, from the Hard district of Waldershof, has chosen to remain with the company. He was offered a permanent employment contract immediately upon graduating - and can look forward to taking responsibility for a new CNC milling centre from July.

The young men look back happily on their time as apprentices, during which the company directors and training supervisor, Jürgen Ott, were always on-hand with help and advice. "Working in this family environment was always fun", says Benedikt Gebhard; and Carsten Kolb is now looking forward to his new challenge - operating the new machine.

In an interview for the Frankenpost newspaper, Alexander Schraml emphasised that the Waldershof location could not be better for the company. He referred to the very good transport links in all possible directions together with the support provided by the city council and the authorities for all of the expansion phases of the business.

The company has already filled the gap left by Benedikt Gebhard. "Following the the graduation ceremony for the year's apprentices we were immediately able to find an enthusiastic replacement to join our company", noted Reinhold Schraml.

Currently the company employs six apprentices, and for autumn Schraml has already filled two new apprenticeship places for tool mechanics.