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23.03.2018 | 11:04

School pupils excited about technology

By: jr

Waldershof – Children from the Jobst-vom-Brandt School Waldershof visited Schraml metalworking on Wednesday afternoon. They are part of the school study group “Technology for Kids”. They learned from company management what the 55 employees, which includes eight apprentices, manufacture. They were able to follow the work processes to produce the parts up close. Beforehand, they were given a detailed presentation of the metalworking company. Apprentice Max Markowsky – he is currently in his third year of training as a tool mechanic - has been teaching the children for one hour every Wednesday afternoon at the school. This time, the pupils wanted to visit him at his workplace and take a small look at day-to-day work. School principal Petra Andritzky emphasized the very close cooperation between the study group and the company.