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17.10.2018 | 11:02

Waldershof know-how in demand around the world

By: oz

Schraml metalworking has served customers all over the world with its products for 30 years. This includes top flight companies like BMW, Mercedes Benz and Siemens.

Waldershof – The cornerstone for the success of Schraml metalworking was laid by senior partner Reinhold Schraml in 1988. From a one-man business, the company has in the past 30 years developed into a family-managed, medium-sized top enterprise with 55 employees. This includes ten apprentices.

Reinhold Schraml started his one-man business in his home in 1988. Only two years later, he had to expand to be able to provide more capacity to produce special tools. Five years later, the company relocated to the industrial area “An der Bahn” [“By the Rails”]. Already at this time, the entrepreneur was convinced that he could also survive on the market into the future by producing high quality niche products. Schraml secured himself a much larger area of land than he actually needed. And since then, this foresight has produced many positive effects. Already in 1998, the production hall had to be expanded, and two years later, there was the introduction of the simultaneous five-axle CNC processing.

In 2004, the administrative area had to be increased and the production halls had to be expanded again. Production was expanded in 2008 with the addition of a five-axle processing centre with linear technology. With the constant growth of the company, the management placed its bets on the use of renewable energies and constructed a photovoltaic system on the company premises, which currently covers two thirds of the company’s power needs. In 2013, the production hall was extended yet again to be able to put into operation an additional five-axle processing centre.

On the company’s 30th anniversary, large investments have again been made this year. 1.5 million euros flowed into new constructions with the expansion of the warehouse, a new production hall - accompanying the conversion of the sanitary and social rooms to take account of the increased number of employees - and sufficient parking spaces for employees and visitors. 1.8 million euros was invested in the machine park and the equipment required for this. The new processing centre can process aluminium blocks four by five metres in size.

At the site ceremony, to which all employees and the companies involved in the construction were invited, Managing Director Alexander Schraml reminded those present that in September 2017, the first concepts came to fruition in collaboration with planner Johannes Fischer. After an intensive planning phase, which incorporated all the existing buildings, the new building could now be constructed and bought within a few months. Thanks were also given to the authorities for their quick processing and to the construction companies for their punctuality. Turning to employees, Alexander Schraml said: “It is only through our joint effort that it is possible to make these investments and therefore set us up well for the future. It is important to provide the most modern technology, safe and pleasant workplaces in order to be at the front of global competition.” The products from the “metal workshop” are in demand throughout Europe, Russia, Mexico, Canada and the USA. In doing so, absolute top quality and punctuality for 30 years are the best selling points. And another is particularly important for Alexander Schraml: “We are in the position to carry out all production stages in-house, from planning to delivery.”