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Mould making

Mould assembly - milling alone is not sufficient


Technology alone does not make a masterpiece. On our production line our mould makers provide active assistance during assembly. This is where the milled raw moulds are manually finished.

The unique feature: Filigree brass inserts are used to hold the very fine areas of the mould precisely together. Furthermore, they also guarantee very low maintenance requirements and can be quickly replaced if damaged.

The cavity defines the component


Following the design stage and completion of the test phase, we turn our attention to manufacturing the actual mould. Aluminium has proven to be the material that is particularly resistant to corrosion; not least as a result of its positive machining characteristics. Its excellent thermal conductivity properties also favour the use of aluminium

Step-by-step to assembly


The process begins by cutting the raw material to a block of the desired dimensions. The size of the mould ranges up to a maximum of 3500 mm x 2000 mm x 1000 mm.

Once the aluminium block has been cut, it is machined on a CNC machining centre to the very highest precision. Despite having a cutting edge machine fleet, this process can take anything up to one week per mould.